Why Should I Worry

Words and Music by Charlotte Baker & Eric Baker


Verse 1

Out on the waters

The storm raging high

The waters around them were troubled that night

Fear filled their hearts

They thought they might die

But they failed to remember

The master was nigh

When He spoke the words

The winds all stood still

Even the waters obeyed His will

He calmed their storm just like He will mine

If I just remember He lives deep inside


Why should I worry

Why should I fear

That very same Jesus

He stays always near

He lives in my heart

He hears when I cry

I can call on His name

Till the storm passes by

Verse 2

I read in the Bible

How He walked with them

Brought light to their darkness

When their way grew dim

How great it would be to have His steps leading mine

And to walk with the master

All of the time

When trouble came and death drew nigh

They searched for the master and He came right on time

So when I’m in need and my body’s in pain

All I have to do is call His sweet name