About Us


Always the entertainer, Courtney has talked and sang since she was just a couple of months old.  Every home video finds her using whatever she can find as a microphone, and creating a song on the spot!  It wasn’t just a childhood pastime, she has continued to pursue her passion for songwriting ever since.  In fact, Courtney was awarded first place in the choral division at “Write About Jesus 2016” in St. Louis, for her song, Let Your Spirit Fall. Together with her siblings, they have written a large majority of the music that our family now sings. Courtney is 20 years old and is enjoying every minute of her young adult years. She is a piano teacher and loves to encourage others through music! Courtney also has her own YouTube channel called, “Courtney’s Lens,” where she shares her journey of homemaking.


Charles Ray Spencer III,  (Chaz) loves anything to do with music.  He spends his time playing piano, bass, guitar, trumpet, mandolin, ukulele, drums, melodica, etc., anything he can get his hands on. If not playing something, you can find him singing, writing or arranging! Chaz enjoys working in his home studio, BlueRoom Studio. He loves to make the family laugh in any way possible. He loves the Lord with all of his heart and is always excited about sharing the message of the Gospel on or off stage whenever given the opportunity. He is a senior at Riverdale Christian Academy.


Although she is the baby of the family, and slightly spoiled, Kristyn is an absolute sweetheart that captures a special place in your heart the minute you meet her!  She loves being active, and doing her best to get out of homework!   Her hobbies are painting and cookie decorating. Her dream is to start her own cookie decorating business.  Kristyn is a 10th grader at Riverdale Christian Academy.


Both California natives, Chuck and Lyndsay were raised in the heart of the San Joaquin Valley.  They met after graduating high school,  and were married in 2000.  They love living life and spending time with their immediate and extended families.  Chuck is the owner of CRS Recording Studio.  They are on staff as associate Pastors at Riverdale Assembly, as well as actively working in Riverdale Christian Academy.