Unexpected Ways

Words and Music by Rachel McCutcheon, Courtney Spencer

Verse 1

I wonder if David ever dreamed

That his little sling

Would bring a giant down

And Jonah probably never wished

God would use a fish

To turn Nineveh around

Well, I guess it goes to prove

There’s nothing He can’t use


God moves in unexpected ways

To work His mighty wonders

Set His glory on display

There’s no limit to His power

Anyone who takes that leap of faith

Will see God move

In unexpected ways

Verse 2

There’s no way Daniel knew he’d spend

A night in a lions den

With an angel as his guard

And Noah was surely blown away

When he heard God say

It’s time to build an ark

Well, I guess it goes to prove

There’s no one He can’t use


From Moses to Esther

To Paul down to me

From trial to trusting

To great victory