Let Your Spirit Fall

Words and Music by Courtney Spencer


Verse 1

Our dying nation

Our hurting land

Is filled with confusion

And hatred in man

There’s only one thing that can change us

And bring us down to our knees

Lord you are the answer

You are the key


Let your spirit fall

Move across this land

We’re hungry for revival

In the heart of every man

It’s our desire

Reveal your master plan

Please hear our call

Let your spirit fall

Verse 2

Like a fire

A sweeping blaze

Purify and consume us

In these last days

Lord we are holding to your promise

That if we call on your name

You will hear our cries from heaven

And we will be changed


Lord we are your people called by your name

We’ve come together to earnestly pray

Your spirit has fallen before

And we need it once more