I’ve Been Blessed

Words and Music by Chuck & Lyndsay Spencer


Verse 1

When I wake up in the morning

There’s a smile upon my face

I’m living in your mercy

And I’m covered by your grace

I’ve got peace and joy inside me

And I walk with you each day

As long as you’re beside me

I can lift my hands and say


I’ve been blessed

I think of all that God has given me

I’ve been blessed

He washed my sins away and set me free

While the whole wide world is falling apart and losing everything

With God’s help I’ll pass every test

Cause I’ve been blessed


I’ve been blessed

Verse 2

Lord I know that You are with me

Your presence makes me strong

Your goodness overtakes me

And keeps me hanging on

This world rock and rolls around me

And so many people sway

I can’t keep my feet from dancing

I’ve been blessed in every way