In The Palm Of His Hand

Words and music by Chaz Spencer

Verse 1

Little David on the battlefield

Bold and unafraid

The giant stood there ready to fight

But David began to say

You come to me with a sword and a shield

But I come in the name of the Lord

I know where I’m standing

And who I’m fighting for


In the Palm of His hand

That’s where I wanna stay

In the palm of His hand

Knowing He’s holding me every day

Storm clouds will come and the thunder will roll

But that’s ok

Because in the palm of His hand

That’s where I’ll stay

Verse 2

Esther waiting before the King

Willing to lose her life

Standing tall and unafraid

Fighting for what was right

She had prayed and prayed for three days straight

Till the Lord showed her the way

The Lord came through for her then and there

So she began to say